Hairstrokes by Microblading tool or machine to create the most natural look. Ideal for filling sparse areas while still framing your eyes beautifully.


Microblading Training Jacksonville Fl

Soft shading, giving the effect of light powder on the skin. If you like to wear makeup on your brows, this is the choice for you.

HYBRID BROWS (Blade & Shade)

microblading certification

Hairstrokes by Microblading tool or machine complemented by subtle shading for a slightly more enhanced look. 

Brow Training microblade training Jacksonville fl

Hairstrokes in the front to keep a soft fluffy look, blended into soft shading created by machine to create a balanced look.

Microblading, is a semi-permanent method of enhancing the eyebrow by depositing pigment using a hair stroke technique with a hand held disposable, sterile blade. The results are natural hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present.

Powder and Ombre brows as well as Hybrid combo brows are are also a semi-permanent that creates a soft shaded or powdered brow look. It is particularly recommended for women with oily or combination skin or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or powder.

These amazing treatments are ideal for anyone wishing for brow enhancement, or with over plucked/waxed brows, with loss of hair or patchy areas that won’t grow back or in some cases those that need a full brow reconstruction. It is also ideal if you just want to add a slight arch.

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts 9-18 months. Results may vary and no guarantee can be made that a specific client will benefit the same as another from this procedure. Microblading is an Art.

We schedule at least 2 hours with each guest to include consulting on brow shape and then drawing in the shape with removable pencil. We then use an analgesic numbing cream to minimize discomfort before and during the service.

All brow treatments are a two part process with the initial visit and a top up or touch up visit 4 – 8 weeks later.

Everyone’s skin is different and therefore heals differently and is likely to go through several phases during the healing cycle. Microblading inserts pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis. Yes, it is a form of tattooing, but it is cosmetic and semi-permanent and the pigment will gradually soften. Immediately following the procedure, the pigment will appear very crisp and bold. This is in part due to the pigment still staining the top layer of the skin as it has not ‘settled in’ completely.

You may experience some dry ‘flakiness’, tenderness or irritation. This is normal and will dissipate each day so and is important to not scratch or pick at. Sun exposure might cause your brow pigment to fade away more quickly. Once healing is complete, apply a layer of sunscreen SPF 50 to your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Microblading is an art, not a science and while softening of pigment is perfectly normal with healing, it is possible that you will need additional treatment.

To schedule your visit a $100 retainer is required. Each treatment is priced separately as follows and is due the day of your scheduled appointment:
Microblading $355
Ombre/Powder $295
Hybrid $395

each 6-8week touch-up appointment will be made the day of your first visit and will have a balance of $95
please visit our booking site for annual and semi annual maintenance prices (note that maintenance prices are for previous Browery clients only)


You have severely oily skin (results may appear softer or more solid).
Have large pores on your forehead.
You are pregnant or nursing.
Have Thyroid disease (medication may cause pigment not to retain properly).
Suffer from Diabetes (prone to slow healing and infection and the pigment may not retain properly).

*Microblading cannot be performed if you are pregnant or nursing.
*Botox (or any injectable) should be performed at least 3 weeks prior or 3 weeks after.
*Chemical Peels should be performed 60 days prior or 60 days after (avoiding your brow area is recommended).
*Discontinue use of Retin A and any AHA products for 2 weeks prior to procedure.
*Do not wax, laser or electolysis 1 week prior to procedure.
*Avoid Alcohol the day prior and the day of procedure as well as excessive caffeine.
*Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen 24 hours prior to procedure.
*Avoid working out the day of procedure.


No more frustrating time spent looking for just the right powder or pencil… No more frustrating time spent EVERY morning applying those powders and pencils. It’s time for you to have the brows you have always wanted

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